Touch, smell, hear, see, taste that girl/boy?

If you could do only one of these things to/with your gf/bf, your crush, your dream woman/dream man...which one would you want to do?

Touch - hold, caress, cuddle, kiss, sex...

Smell - well...smell x)

Hear - long conversations, making a deep, meaningful connection, proclamations of love...

See - only see... the beauty, the interesting perfections and imperfections, colors, pleasure yourselves in front of each other...

Taste - lick, suck, kiss, oral sex...

But ONLY one of these - if every other sense was excluded!

Which one would you choose?

  • Vote A Touch
  • Vote B Smell
  • Vote C Hear
  • Vote D See
  • Vote E Taste
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And which one would you want that girl / boy to possess in that relationship?

- only the power to touch you, to smell you, to hear you or to taste you?


Most Helpful Girl

  • My boyfriend is away on a trip, and I'd give ANYTHING to be able to smell him right now. His smell is very comforting to me. So I picked B.

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      My olfactory senses tend to have a particular relationship with my brain though. Smells trigger memories in me more than any other sense does.

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      I know! What is taste without smell? And vice versa...

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      Well, I think it's easier to smell without taste than to taste without smell!

      Humans are developed to use all their senses in life... giving ANY up would be so hard! I'm grateful that I'm not deaf or blind.