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Touch, smell, hear, see, taste that girl/boy?

If you could do only one of these things to/with your gf/bf, your crush, your dream woman/dream man...which one would you want to do? Touch - hold,... Show More

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And which one would you want that girl / boy to possess in that relationship?

- only the power to touch you, to smell you, to hear you or to taste you?

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  • My boyfriend is away on a trip, and I'd give ANYTHING to be able to smell him right now. His smell is very comforting to me. So I picked B.

    • My olfactory senses tend to have a particular relationship with my brain though. Smells trigger memories in me more than any other sense does.

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    • I know! What is taste without smell? And vice versa...

    • Well, I think it's easier to smell without taste than to taste without smell!Humans are developed to use all their senses in life... giving ANY up would be so hard! I'm grateful that I'm not deaf or blind.

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What Guys Said 8

  • It's between touch and see, but I don't think I could like someone but never touch themSo I say touching and that means I can still lick, suck and give oraltaste is the flavour

    • For her it would be to hear meI wouldn't need her to touch me if I could and the rest are useless to me

    • HmmmYep, you could touch her, but she' never be able to touch you... You'd be doing all the work and never getting any little thing in return. She couldn't move her tongue, hands, arms when you're 'in action'.Wouldn't that be annoying?

  • Taste.

  • Wow, what a biazarro but interesting question.First of all, you sorta left this wide open without much context. Are we dating this person for 6 months? Or married to them for 60 years? I'll assume it's a more long-lasting relationship, because otherwise the obvious answer is touch/sex...otherwise, you can get pretty much the same effect from any number of friends (well maybe not taste) that you would from some 6 month fling or crush.OK, so assuming really long term...Taste - no.Smell - of course not.Touch - tempting but if you can't see or hear anything this doesn't seem like it would be especially appealing. And even less appealing as time went on.Hear - that's an interesting one, because the conversation piece like you mentioned is pretty damn important. But even without hearing there are ways to pretty easily communicate with someone if you can...See - so this would be my answer. The easiest & best way to appreciate stuff around us, whether it's nature or art or people is to be able to *see* it.

    • Totally agree!

  • Touch, it is one of the most intimate parts of a relationship and one of the best connections for me. Knowing someone is there and being able to feel then is a feeling I can't explain. It'd be torture to see her ad war her and not be able to hold her

  • Hold her oh so close and whatnot. And I think kiss can count as touching :D never really taste people when I kiss unless I lick them or french kissing or something. If the tongue isn't involved, there won't be taste lol.

  • Toss up between taste & smell

    • Went with taste...matches my name..

    • HahaNice

  • Touch. I'm a big fan of physical contact. In my opinion... every other sense only gets in the way.

  • see, I don't even touch so yeah...

What Girls Said 11

  • I'd love to lick Eva Green.Plus taste is really ( touch + taste + smell).I'd love for her to touch me.

    • But you wouldn't feel the touch, you'd just taste what you're licking.

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    • Yes, but in this scenario you aren't 'gifted' with the ability to touch, so you can touch her but you won't feel it...

    • @QAThat's so mean +-+Still I'll stay with taste

  • So tempting, but I choose touch. I would want him to taste me(;

  • touch>smell>hear>taste>see

  • just hear, because at the end I have only his personality to deal with.

  • Kiss mann do I want to kiss him, But I'm taken.

  • Hear...Although Touch is good. I want to be able to know what I am touching. I want to hear his voice...i get the chance to love him for personality...not just feeling him up for sexual enjoyment...but mentally I would be connected to him.Tasting...seems gross...and Seeing would be good...but not always. And Smelling someone...is really not a nessescity.I mean think about it...penpals...long distance relationships...crap like that...for hearing...unless the person can't hear.

  • See I am a visual person...

  • I'd like to touch him.

    • I would like you to touch him as well!

  • touchi like hear as well, but it wouldn't be for those reasons. sometimes it's just nice to hear a person's voice :)and I'd want him to have whatever sense I had, so in this case, touch.

  • Hear > Touch > See > Taste > Smell

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