What drives men wild in the bed?

I am looking for more tips on what drives men wild... I know a couple of tricks like lemon squeeze and pressure point techniques. but does controlling the muscles really matter to yaw... and what other technique advice do yaw like. Cause the stuff I find on the internet is for woman not crazy... of the top sex techniques or positions that a woman can put a man in. Also don't want to try this on all guys just want to see what yaw think <3

Tks guys!


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  • Verbalize. Especially your pleasure.

    Let the guy know you are enjoying the hell out of it.

    throw in a "yes, yes, yes" or something simple.

    it'l get the blood rushing.

    pull a little hair,

    dig your nails in a bit. (JUSt a bit)

    press him against you.

    Just make him feel like he is the absolute best in bed ever

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      Ok.. I do that... so what else.. I love this conversation! I'm talkn sex techniques... like I want him to scream while in with him

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      just go hard I guess.