Length or girth??

Girls, I've heard that girth is better than length in a guy. And, I've heard vice versa. Which this true? And please don't answer, "It's a little of both."


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  • well I've had a fat and long one but it hurt like hell and didn't fit, too long goes to deep and hits our lady parts which hurts like hell. id rather have a wider one... but honestly its all in how you use it. the best guy I had was also the smallest, but he knew he was small so he took his time to make sure I was pleased, so id rather had a guy that gives a sh*t over size


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  • well it isn't one or the other.. it you are long in skinny that bad if you are short but thick still no good.

  • Well I think it's way hott that you look old, ahaha, gosh I'm so weird...anyway, I think girth is better, I mean I only do anal, so to be honest I prefer it thicker over longer (:

    • u only do anal? can I get your number please!?

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    • why do you only do anal?

    • Because, I'm choosing to save something really special and sacred for the guy that I really love, does that bother you?

  • well I do like both so I don't know what to tell you then :/

    a long skinny one and a short fat one are both lacking in one way or another. the combination of both is best. otherwise, its fine but not as good as both together. id choose length if I had to choose but normal girth not some candy cane stick or something. lol definitely length

  • Dayuuum you sure do look old as f*** for being 21 years old! Pedobear alert!

    • Sorry for looking old. Not really my fault. And thanks for opening up that wound.

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    • ;).

    • Friend me ;)

  • Well in my opinion length is more important. But maybe that's cause I am tight.

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  • Props for haveing the balls to not be anonymous

    • I've been told I have a huge... Ego! YA-HA Ego!