Is my boyfriend bisexual ???

Is my boyfriend bisexual? He's always trying to have anal sex with me to which I always ask him if he's bisexual & he says no.He asked me the other... Show More

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  • He may or may not be bisexual, but if he talks badly about gays and is upset about his gay son, it would be very hard for him to accept these tendencies in himself. It could be that his apparent homophobia is a cover up or that he is trying very hard to deny his feelings.

    Liking anal sex doesn't mean he has gay tendencies, though you should only do it yourself if you want to.

    If you are open to accepting homosexuality, and that he may be bisexual himself you must be sure to speak about it in a calm, non-aggressive,non-threatening way. If, on the other hand you've given the impression that you wouldn't accept it, if he is bisexual, he will continue to cover it up if he wants to stay with you.

    • Thank you frank, I think if he is he is in denial..he is very concerned with what people think of him and his image..and he is very well known in our city and he is related to everyone..everywhere we go we see someone he knows...but obviously he can go to other cities where people don't know him..idk what to think...