Is it a bad thing to still be a virgin?

Okay I'm not ashamed to be a virgin I'm actually proud of myself that I still am its just sometimes I feel like I'm the only one left and I don't know its like sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out on something so I don't know is it really a bad thing to still be one?


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  • Don't worry you're not the only one. :)

    I know how you feel though. It's like people feel that the only way to make a relationship last is to have sex.


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  • I wouldn't want to marry a virgin. I would want to give the marriage every chance to work and to last a lifetime. Sex is far too important in a marriage to leave it to chance. It involves not only a physical act, but emotional communication on the deepest level possible.

    Finding out on the wedding night that my brand new wife can't or won't communicate with me on this level would be devastating to me and to the marriage. I would feel betrayed and resent it very deeply. Not the way you want to start a lifetime commitment. It's a very dangerous chance to take.

    Would you wait until after you married someone to find out whether he/she wanted children? Whether they had any serious personal issues? Or anything else that you might consider very important to know before you tie that knot? Sex fits in that category.

    Before I get off the soapbox, I have also known girls who were virgins, and then decided they did not want to wait after all. What they did after that was scary... they decided they wanted to make up for lost time, and do it all at once. And I don't need my new wife thinking that she needs to find out what she had been missing all those years, either.

  • at your age its better then not being a virgin

  • This simply goes back to the old saying "If everyone jumped off a cliff would you?" Staying a virgin is definitely a positive thing. Trust me guys see you in a better way

    • So guys do like girls that are still virgins?

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    • Thankss for answering I most definitely will take that advice

    • no problem. I'm glad I could help

  • Virgins girls are for marrying, considering you arn't even 18, I would expect you to be a virgin even though people don't really have that much self control nowadays to remain a virgin till 18. IT sort of says somethign about yourself

    • F*** the guy who disliked this comment... I totally agree with this...

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    • QA, guys prefer to take serious relatinships with virgin girls especially marriage. Other girls are just there to have flings with

    • @answerer: I have no preference for an experienced guy. he can be a virgin or hardly matters. I don't believe in finding someone good or bad based on whether they had sex before me or not. its called growing up and becoming mature

  • No its not a bad thing. I was 24 when I lost mine worry about your future career and building your life. Your not even 18 yet there's more important things than sex.

    • Thankss and I try to its just hard when that's everything everyone talks about

    • I know I've been there but honestly only go for it when your ready.

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  • its awful. you should be jailed

    • and kindly take it as ajoke. I thot will write this additional comment as people are too sensitive here

    • Lol I found it funny=)

  • Ur uner 18 so no..I hate how our generation is losing it earlier..I'm waiting til I graduate hs at least since I'll be 18 that's good for me

  • At your age it should be normal beign a virgin when I was 16 it was... I am 26 still a virgin. And it feels bad because I feel like a freak but I haven't met anice guy so what can I do about it, I wouldn't just do it with any guy...

  • No, actually men like that.

    They get turned on like that. Answer mine? link

  • proud? what is there to be proud of? you haven't slept with anyone, big deal. other people have, big deal.

    • Whats your problem and I'm proud that I'm a 16 year old female saving myself for a guy that atually cares about me

  • It's not a bad thing at all. It's a personal decision and one that you shouldn't feel pressured to change just because "everyone else is doing it." You're definitely not alone. :-)

    I'm 21, a virgin & waiting until I really like a guy & feel like he respects me enough for me to share my body with him.

    I've never heard of anyone saying they wish they would have had sex sooner, if anything, people say they wish they would've WAITED longer until they were ready.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks=) you know sometimes I just kinda feel this pressure all the time...especially the fact that I'm in high school its like I'm the onlyyyy virgin left lol

    • You're welcome.

      Don't give into peer pressure. Make your decisions for YOU.

    • Alright=)