Girls With Long Protruding Inner Lips

I'm curious as to the differences between short and long inner labia. Are they more sensitive? Do they require any special care? Are there any issues associated with longer protruding lips? How do you feel about your inner lips?

I'm a big fan of both -- but trying to understand more about each.


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  • well as I searched a lot about this issue

    I've read that they are all the same and size really doesn't matter

    protruding or short if they are sensitive they are when they are not they are not so

    they are all nice and cute and what makes women different but I think men like bigger ones !

    for you know oral !

    about the feeling I always felt great but when I saw the men prefer the bigger ones got depressed ! though I think all woman are beautiful and unique

    and if they would give me the choice I can't choose but mine

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      I haven't met a pair of lips that I didn't like, and I would imagine yours are uniquely spectacular.

      If you were to ever have sex with a girl, would you prefer one with longer or shorter lips?

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      Hhhhhhhhhhh how can I have sex with a girl if I'm a girl !! I'm straight

      and as I told you if its my choice I wouldn't choose bigger ones

      it would be scary maybe its just that I'm used to see it.. and not used to see longer ones