Do guys even know when a girl is flirting?

I was going on a plane trip & I thought the guy boarding us was really hot! So when he said "have a good day", I raised my eyebrow, gave a coy smile & said "you too". When he looked at me I held his haze with that come hither look, & when he looked at me he kinda paused took a bit of a breath & said "thank you". He didn't smile back so I wonder what he was thinking? For the record I'm exotically attractive & all the guys at the airport were checking me out. Do you think he knows I was flirting? I would have made an offer to him if there was more time..

I have really full lips so I'll also lick & bite them when I see a guy I like, do you think they know what I'm getting at? Usually they smile & blush hard when I do that.



Most Helpful Guy

  • No, I'm more dumb in that area than a post. A girl has to be far more obvious than just raising her eyebrow with a 'coy smile' for me to think she's flirting with me. Showing me her ass, lifting up her skirt or standing in front of me so that I can clearly look down her top is more apt to get my attention. Recently I was at a Pet'sMart and this woman who was helping me while I was standing in a long line of people stood so that I could see her entire boob. No one will ever get me to believe a girl does not know when her boobs can bees seen under her blouse. Her blouse was unbuttoned enough to see but unless she moved just right it was laying flat her chest. I had a long view of it and I was thinking, 'nice t*ts', but there were so many people very close by I couldn't say anything towards flirting back with her.