Do guys even know when a girl is flirting?

I was going on a plane trip & I thought the guy boarding us was really hot! So when he said "have a good day", I raised my eyebrow, gave a coy smile & said "you too". When he looked at me I held his haze with that come hither look, & when he looked at me he kinda paused took a bit of a breath & said "thank you". He didn't smile back so I wonder what he was thinking? For the record I'm exotically attractive & all the guys at the airport were checking me out. Do you think he knows I was flirting? I would have made an offer to him if there was more time..

I have really full lips so I'll also lick & bite them when I see a guy I like, do you think they know what I'm getting at? Usually they smile & blush hard when I do that.



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  • No, I'm more dumb in that area than a post. A girl has to be far more obvious than just raising her eyebrow with a 'coy smile' for me to think she's flirting with me. Showing me her ass, lifting up her skirt or standing in front of me so that I can clearly look down her top is more apt to get my attention. Recently I was at a Pet'sMart and this woman who was helping me while I was standing in a long line of people stood so that I could see her entire boob. No one will ever get me to believe a girl does not know when her boobs can bees seen under her blouse. Her blouse was unbuttoned enough to see but unless she moved just right it was laying flat her chest. I had a long view of it and I was thinking, 'nice t*ts', but there were so many people very close by I couldn't say anything towards flirting back with her.


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  • Do guys know when you are flirting? Based on your description, we have to assume that the guy is either blind or mentally handicapped to not know when you are flirting.

  • A) Never assume every guy wants you. I don't care how "hot" a girl is, some are just not my type. I like a specific look. "Hot" guys have this option. Desperate guys do not. There are a lot of desperate guys out there, so girls assume all guys want them. Its not the case.

    B) He might have know you were flirting and just not been in a situation to respond. Who knows. Maybe he has a wife, a grilfriend, just got lectured for having his way with the stewardess in the bathroom.

    C) If you want to be sure, try try again. Go back, strike up a conversation. If still no response then give up. Some guys are just oblivious, try a few times before coming to conclusions.

    • Ok, most of your advice was good. However, I font assume all Guys think I'm hot & said so in my other response. Also, I'm classically & exotically beautiful, I might not be a persons certain type, but a lot of people don't find Angelina Jolie attractive & she's hailed as the most beautiful woman in the world. You might not be as hot as you think, maybe those girls are awful desperate & maybe you just have something they want :)

    • Don't * assume...

  • I would think that you're simply polite, that's all.

    Usually women flirt in a way only they can understand.

    • Damn it! I knew it! That's what I thought :(

      I'm a sexually aggressive girl though, if there's more time & I wanna blow/f--k you I make the offer on the spot. Most guys are shocked xD, & of course they say yes.

    • That's cool.

  • I'll be honest, no, I really can't. I'm the most frusteratingly oblivious guy you'll ever deal with.

  • perhaps he understood, but didn´´t want to flirt back

    • Yeah, even though most find me attractive he may not. I wanted to hit on him next time I see him, but maybe he's not interested or didn't want flirt in front of people during his shift. I don't know & kinda don't wanna find out.

  • I get it... if they grab my d***

    • In most people's opinions, that's not flirting, that's sexual harrasment, lol.

    • LOL! If you have blue eyes and red hair I promise not to press charges...there are some signals I might get..if you can get them to sit on your lap..that usually works or if they kiss me...

  • i wouldn't know honestly, unless you told me outright that you're interested. I don't go out into the world expecting to be flirted with, so I don't see it when it happens, assuming it even happens.

  • I have no idea when a girls flirting when it's not so obvious enough a person with a half a brain could tell.

  • I can't tell

  • I would say no. Girls usually flirt at a level far too subtle for guys to notice.

    They think things like "I flicked my hair" counts as flirting.

    For example: Raised an eyebrow. That can mean surprise. So a guy is unlikely to go "Aha, flirting"

    "I held his gaze" = "I looked at him" = Not flirting.

    "with that come hither look" = "What come hither look?" = Not flirting.

    Generally speaking, if you do something which you normally do when you are not flirting, you can't do it and claim that it's flirting. Like smiling. Girls smile all the time. You can't claim smiling is flirting if you do it all the time.

  • He either didn't know you were flirting, he knew but wasn't attracted, or your attitude (thinking you're hot) came across loud and clear and he stayed away assuming that you're stuck up and high maintenance. Take note; just 'cause guys check you out doesn't mean they really want anything to do with you as a person.

  • Sometimes I have a hard time reading girls and when they flirt with me I am sometimes unaware and it happens out of the blue. After we go our seperate ways I'll think like, "wait a minute, that girl was flirting with me. She was hot too. Why didn't I flirt back?!"

    I'm kinda slow sometimes when it comes to a woman's advances on me. Because of this I feel I missed out on a lot of opportunity


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  • Some men do, some don't

  • It sounds like he felt really uncomfortable and did think you were flirting.