Im a virgin and I am curious girl how bad did it hurt

Girls on a scale of 1 to 10 how painful was it to lose your virginty and how many times did you have to have sex for it not to hurt

Guys if you have had sex with a virgin were you rough or were you paitent with her and did the girl ever cry during sex

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  • Only time for me with a virgin, was also my first time.

    We were both super aroused. I put it in slowly but steadily, and thrust really slow. She said later it hurt quite a lot, but she was so excited by what was happening that she had an orgasm about 20 seconds in and started bucking her hips like wild - so much for my slow movement. I don't think I finished in her, I pulled out pretty soon after her orgasm and she finished me with hand/mouth.

    Second time I think was a little discomfort to begin, but basically fine.


What Guys Said 3

  • Ways that you can reduce the pain (if you even experience it):

    1) Relax. The more you are nervus / stressed / uneasy, the more your vaginal muscles will get tense, and it will be harder for the guy to penetrate you (which means possibly more pain). If you can relax, your muscles will relax as well. Don't forget that.

    2) Make sure you are fully aroused. The vagina expands outwards and secretes it's own lubrication, both of which makes the penetration easier.

    *** An extended foreplay can help both of these. **

    3) You might want to try internal masturbation with just one finger, or two fingers. It can give you a kind of an idea about what you are going to experience, in terms of pleasure and pain.

    This also helps slowly expanding your hymen so that the penis can penetrate through it easier. Though, masturbating just once might not be enough for this.

    Good luck! =)

  • It didn't hurt for me, I don't get what people complain about


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  • I've only had sex 5 times, but it hurt every single time. At least in the beginning, eventually I'd get turned on enough where the pain wasn't as prominent as the pleasure, but that doesn't mean its still difficult to get it in and start out. I nearly cried my first time. It was incredibly painful. Like a solid 7 or 8 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst. But I actually started to enjoy it towards the end of my first time. If my man had been up for round 2, I would have been, too haha. The 2nd time was significantly less painful, but still pretty bad. It took me an hour and a half to get off.

  • I lost my virginity this week and it didn't really hurt at all. Maybe a 1 or 2 for a little discomfort at first, but nothing too bad, really. I'd fingered myself a ton before though, and have used a vibrator (a small one, though) but apparently that was enough. It was a little difficult to get in at first, but it didn't hurt at all.

  • didnt hurt at all

  • It didn't hurt at all. I've masturbated since I was pretty little so if you're comfortable with that, it could help eliminate some if not all of the pain.

  • I cried during fingering but after all that preparing the penis went in quite easily

  • Depends on how large he is, and how loose you are. For me it hurt just putting it in like I don't know it was a sharp pain. After like 6 times it felt better but since I tighten myself up it still is kind of painful putting it in. You will bleed but not a lot just like a little. And I'm pretty sure you'll be able to walk perfectly fine after, good luck:)

  • I lost mine like litrally a week ago and it hurt a lot not crying lot maybe if 10 is the highest like most pain I would put it at like 8

  • i cried wen I lost my virginity it hurt so bad

    • what made it so bad

    • Me too, it hurt so bad I wasn't even sure that was where the hole was.. it was as if we created a hole it hurt so bad

    • Omg! Really that bad? :/

      I'm never gonna have sex if it really hurts that bad...

  • i don't rmr it hurting much, but maybe because I was aroused. when you are turned on, the pain can be nice

  • not as bad as you might think. and it only hurts for a second or two

  • It didn't hurt.