Im a virgin and I am curious girl how bad did it hurt

Girls on a scale of 1 to 10 how painful was it to lose your virginty and how many times did you have to have sex for it not to hurt

Guys if you have had sex with a virgin were you rough or were you paitent with her and did the girl ever cry during sex

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  • Vote E 9-10
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  • Only time for me with a virgin, was also my first time.

    We were both super aroused. I put it in slowly but steadily, and thrust really slow. She said later it hurt quite a lot, but she was so excited by what was happening that she had an orgasm about 20 seconds in and started bucking her hips like wild - so much for my slow movement. I don't think I finished in her, I pulled out pretty soon after her orgasm and she finished me with hand/mouth.

    Second time I think was a little discomfort to begin, but basically fine.