Women just want a physical relationship, what the hell is wrong with women these days?

Am I the only guy that is seeing a trend where women just want to have a physical relationship and nothing else?

Sorry for posting this dumb question as I was angry and in this short period of time I grew to see some of my immaturity. I still have more to grow. Thank you for your answers.


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  • Sooo.. most men bitch that women are too uppity and prude and play hard to get, etc. But once women start acting in a way that is seen as more masculine, and the way you say you want it, and then it's a horrible thing.

    Most women I know and have ever known DO want relationships. Maybe not ALL the time (everyone should experience life as a single adult) but everyone I know wants to end up in love. I personally have had trouble getting other women to understand my ability to discern sex from love and enjoy them as separate (but obviously complementary) entities. I'm often told that I'm like a guy. And seeing as I'm in a long term relationship that is okay emotionally but completely lacking in the bedroom and having no problem getting my needs fulfilled elsewhere makes me seem more like the idea of a guy. Now, just because right now I'm listening more to my sexuality than my heart right now, that doesn't mean I don't want to eventually settle down and be faithful- same thing for MANY men!

    • I'm not most men. The women in my age group(I am 40) are who I was referring to. They have been burned badly and are leery of getting serious and just want a f*** buddy.

    • Thank you for your honesty

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  • You're probably going after the wrong women. Any time I date a guy it's in the hopes that it will turn into a relationship.

  • I ask myself that everyday.

    Here is my story why I think guys only want sex from me. I can't speak for other girls.

    When ever since school guys would try to "take" what they wanted. For instance, boys would always try to lift my skirt or dry hump me, or even kiss me and I didn't like them or want to be touched, and a the nice guys always acted like they didn't like me, so overtime it just sort of developed into me thinking guys only wanting sex from me. I'm working on it.

  • I want a real relationship. Not just have someone to have sex with.

    • I said most, not all. : D

    • Lol I know. I just wish I could find someone who doesn't just want sex but a true relationship.

    • QA and I are saying it's hard for relationship minded men, as well.

  • Actually I don't know a single girl who doesn't want to get married and have children someday, but

    many guys say they don't.

    I think women in general have become more picky about with whom they do that in the past decades

    • are you living in a commune or little house on the prairie? I have seen maybe 50 women on this site say they never want kids or never want marriage and I know of maybe 30 or 50 women and can name them that never want either(marriage or kids)

    • I live in a big city and I don't know one. Of course there are plenty that don't want it right now (including me). Some may just want hook ups for now, others want long term relationships only.And some are not quite sure. But the vast majority does want to get married and have children at one point.

      It might be an age thing, my friends are all from around 19 - 25. Considering your little older it might be that women your age feel different about this

  • ok..so they want sex? its their life...their wishes. they are not harming u. why are you getting so upset about what someone else is doing with their own lives?

  • Not me. Maybe you're hangin out with the wrong girls

    • Could be an age thing, there has to be a reason that 36+ year old women are still 'available'.

  • No. I'm noticing just the opposite actually. Most guys I meet don't seem to want anything besides a hook up

  • I'm so glad you asked this question!

    I think that a lot of females these days are adopting the idea that men can go out and get all kinds of sexual favors, so why shouldn't they be able to?! So they go out and hook up with guys, not just for that but often to validate their worth and gain some confidence by feeling desired because they can please a guy sexually (even though it's not rocket science lol it's not difficult to please a penis).

    I think that sex in general has decreased the value of pure intimacy on different levels. Now days, people just want orgasms, they just want to recieve oral sex because it feels good...it's all just about the physical aspect of them feeling good, that it's taken so much away from what sex should be. Now days it seems like people are so busy trying to put everything into logic. Oh well "Sex is natural. We, as human beings, are created with sexual organs, and sex feels good so why not get it?" Totally taking away from the fact that sex is not a physical act.

    So yeah, it's sad. So many girls out here seem to be under the impression that it's just okay to give their body away for the sake of feeling pleasure and then they get STD's, get bad reputations, loosen their vaginas, and give away one of the most powerful pieces of themselves. All for what? An orgasm? A few seconds of bliss?

    • *taking away from the fact that sex is not just a physical act

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  • i like dis

  • We get to have them, they get to have them. I see no problem with this.

  • You are not the only man who has observed this trend. Most women are sluts today. It's a shame.

  • dude you have posted like 3 of these questions... thanks for the 3 points.

    • i posted this same question only once before and that was last night. dryad had it removed because she reported it over and over with different accounts after she called my dead mother a slut

    • serves you right. +1

    • serves me right? explain please. if your mother dies then I should call her names?

  • thats why women are different then me, all we want is sex and all what women want is...well I wish I knew