Really weird question: what do guys balls normally feel like?

haha ya I know weird. I guess I have never really paid that much attention.


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  • Balls are actually for convience. When you are freezing cold out, lets just say you have your own personal hand warmer that no one else can use :P

    Fact: Balls stay at a constant 94 degree temperature, intresting right? My doctor told me that yesterday.


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  • I love it when girls play around mine, but please be gentle as they are very sensitive!

    I like the feel of mine myself, but I much prefer a feminine hand!

  • i'll just take one for the team and show u

  • they are like little eggs lol

    • But like I remember feeling em and it kinda felt like extra skin or something? like do they change from hard to soft

    • If it is warm out balls hang lower and if it is cold or usually during sex they are held close to the body, this is to keep the sperm inside the right temp. so they don't die. Yeah the ball sack had a lot of skin, and inside there are the balls, they a bunch or tissue like veins and tubes and whatever else. Sorry if that is confusing

    • No. I will post my own comment to see if I can be of any assistance.

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  • The scrotum feels different than the balls themselves. The balls tend to hang towards the bottom of the scrotum, and if you are just fondling the top of his scrotum what you feel will feel like extra skin (as you pointed out). But if you cup the entire scrotum in your hand and "massage" you will locate his testicles. Mrwiggles is correct in saying that they feel like eggs. They feel like eggs inside a bag and they can roll around and guys typically enjoy them being played with gently!

    • Yes very gently... there is nothing more nerve racking then having a girl put your balls in her mouth that you aren't sure if you trust, or is mad at you

    • Haha

  • umm . hmm . it feels likeeee ping pong balls in a soft skin bag ?