Are guys attracted to the way a girl smells when she is in heat?

Do guys like the way a woman smells down there when they are having sex? I try to make my vagina smell so that guys will think about sex when they are around me. Does this work?


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  • I love the way my Girlfriend smells but I wouldn't want to be able to smell her from across the room. It should only be noticeable by someone who is somewhere close to your crotch but not by all the guys that are around you. This might get people wondering why you smell like that all the time. (and that's not always a good thing)


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  • I guess a little smell is ok, as long as it is a normal "moist skin" smell. I wouldn't let it get too strong, because that is a major turn-off, to me at least. Yeasty smell is bad. Make sure to wash regularly, don't put too much thought into it. Even if a girl has no smell at all, it doesn't make her less attractive to me. And a little is fine. Think of it like perfume, a little dab is all you need.

  • If that smell= fishy then preferably not.

    I think there is a more normal smell which occurs and is attractive though.

  • Hell yes it works! :-) I love when a girl smells sex! And I love when I go down on a girl and she smells so sexy down there. I love her vagina smell especially when she'd been turned on that day or just before. lol!


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  • Um, I believe the natural smell your vagina produces is something that men are naturally attracted to. I wouldn't say not cleaning your business for a few weeks is attractive though, that's just unhealthy and will probably repulse any man that get nears your vagina. Some men may have fetish's and therefore will enjoy a "stronger smelling vagina" but that's all personal preference. As said before, as a general rule, the scent that you normally produce is satisfactory.

  • bad idea you can get a yeast infection from this and possibly give him one too if you're not using condoms