What are ways to pleasure a girl without having sex?

What are ways to pleasure a girl without having sex?


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  • one time the guy I liked put his hand on my hand to help me with something, and it felt like FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <33333


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  • Making outt, licking her out, fingering her, just anything regarding touching her.. especially with your tongue..

  • Finger her

    Eat her out .

    thats about it

  • let me tell you there's a ton! fingering and eating her out of course but I guess that's kind of a type of sex. but if you want to get her turned on kissing her neck or sucking on her nipples always work for me lol. just having really awesome make out sessions are always good to. I mean just touching her sensitively can do wonders. good luck!

  • making-out


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  • Shower. Massage. Finger. Tongue. Rope. Whips. Blindfolds.

    This is just off the top of my head. 15 seconds. Imagine what you'll come up with once you sit down and think.

  • Being nice to her <3

    Nah but really.

    You can find lots of stuff on how women body / mind responses on different acts.

    Woman body is highly sensitive to soft touch .When you touch softly and correctly some parts of woman body. She gets high valued pleasure from that. As also you can use your lips. Warm lips that kiss her certain places will give her quantum pleasure.

    Talking is also a good way to give to a woman pleasure. But that always depends on individual. Sweet words and phrases are most common that should be used.

    As it is also known that foreplay is most important part moment for women when being intimate with her.

    In a nutshell . Women can be pleasured in many many ways without having sex.

    I hope this helped you a bit.

    Take care and merry upcoming new year.