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I have very weird sexual desires

This is how it starts...I started playing (touching) my ding since I was 4 years old.When I got 12 years old I didn't really enjoy seeing just a sexy girl playing with herself but I loved her experssions.I mean...Now I'm 18 years old and I what turns me on is not if the girl is just hot, but If she feels VERY dirty when we are doing it.So I have different fantasies than my friends.I want a girl to enjoy feeling dirty with many ways.I love to tie up girls and "abuse" them for THEIR pleasure.Is that bad?I want to make them feel like "sluts" but ONLY in sex.I think I'm twisted...I would never act to her as if she was a slut if we were not doing it.I always respect them..

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  • You been watching too much p0rn...

    • yeh..

What Girls Said 2

  • I don't think your twisted. I mean you said the girls are fine with it & gets turned on by it, so there's nothing wrong. . You also said that you only want them 2 feel like that during sex so hey, whatever works for you & her ; )

  • Isnt that called bonding in the p*rn industry? But that's pretty normal, you're not twisted. Your fine :)

What Guys Said 3

  • That's not weird. A lot of women have a desire be dirty and slutty in bed, but are not comfortable truly expressing themselves, because they don't want to appear too slutty. That is one of the reasons a lot of women want to feel dominated in bed. It takes some of the responsibility away from them.

  • Great comic on how media has shaped some of our views on this: link

  • No, not weird at all. In fact I feel similar to how you do. I have different fantasies and whatnot, so I like this one day and that another. But yeah, seeing a girl really get down and enjoy sex, doing dirty things, etc. is really hot to me too. I doubt that it's rare either, so you aren't weird for liking it.