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Do all vaginas feel the same?

My guy said that my "sh*t is up higher" than other girls he's been with. is this a bad thing that my hole is up higher or whatever? also I'm kinda... Show More

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  • I'm not sure what he meant by it being 'up higher'. Big lips are fine. If I could see camel toe when you were wearing leggings and we were a couple, I'd just get aroused.Legs spread wide allows for deep penetration. Its good. TBH, legs wrapped around is pretty wide spread as well. Sensation wise, for me the best is when she's more pulled her knees towards her chest, but knees aren't super far apart - it gives the access to thrust deep, but its a little tighter. If things are too tight for you, get your legs open, if you want more sensation, keep legs closer together.

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What Guys Said 7

  • No. Just as penises do not feel the same. Some vaginas are better than others.

  • No they tend to varry and feel different depending on the woman.

  • It's not a bad thing, guys don't really care about lip-sizes and all that, just how you maintain down there and wrapping legs around us is always hot.

  • No they don't all feel the same and, while some may be better than others, I am very sure that there is NOTHING wrong with yours...oh..and personal preference..I love legs wrapped! (:

  • No, they don't all feel the same. Some feel good.

  • Camel toes are hot

    • okay that's good to know. is there any reason why?

What Girls Said 2

  • I'm actually shocked he would compare your vaginas to other women he's been with. What a turn off. That's the last thing I'd want to be thinking of, him screwing other girls and comparing me. How would he feel if you said, "your penis is darker colored than most." or something like that. All it does is make the person feel insecure and then you automatically think of all the people they've screwed.

  • "sh*t is up higher"ROFL link

    • sinister...

    • >:D

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