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Any girls been in a three way with two guys? Did the guys do anything with each other?

Was it awkward?

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  • Haha a little. But it was kinda hot and a real turn on at the same time! They didn't f*** each other though, just sucked each other off lol. I would do it again but only if my boyfriend's into it.

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  • I've done several with other guys. Most didn't have sex between the guys and it really wasn't a big issue. I think a lot of guys are terrified that having a mfm might turn them gay. Eventually, they learn better. To be honest, I actually prefer two guy and a woman because there is seldom a lot of confusion about who does what, both guys make the woman happy and she takes whatever she wants.

    In college, a lot of 3 ways went bad because people had other agendas going into it (want to seduce the third, punish the primary, introduce the subject of a previous indiscretion with the third etc. ) Those turned out bad but eventually I did find people really enjoy group sex when given the chance.

  • Never been in a three some and probably never will be but if I was I would do something with the guy and expect it just as much as if it were two girls I would expect the girls to have fun together.

  • obviously no guys we're touching each other, that'd be gross! glad the guy didn't try to touch me

    the girl loved it though, she said hving both front and anal at the same was the ebst orgasm ever. go for it man

    but with 2 girls is waaay better for us =D although girls get bored while you're doign one of them, make them play with each other and be the dildo, its the best tactics =D

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