Would an odd labia color turn you off?

I have only been intimate with one person (I am still a virgin however) so I have barely become self concious of my anatomy down there. I noticed that my inner labia are a dark brown color on the majority of the skin but pink when its near my opening. I have a very light olive skin tone so I realize that I would not be a light pink down there. Would the color contrast of my outer labia to my inner labia be a turn off or be unpleasant? The guy I was intimate with said I had a small, pretty one, but was he lying & the color grossed him out?


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  • That's normal.

    For the record, most guys, their penis/scrotum will be darker then the rest of their skin, and the head will be more red/pink.

    You're normal, relax.

    • Ok. Its just that on this form and from what I've heard other people say the main prefrence is pink vulvas. Mine is a medium pink but the inner labia are dark brown and I feel like I will be compared and unliked (as far as physical attraction goes) because of it later. I sometimes think the guy I was dating was just being nice because he was the first to see me down there. :s

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  • If you only knew how little we care about this.

  • No don't worry. I think all vagina's are beautiful. I'm a virgin and I would be more than happy just to have a sweet girl in my life. I would love her vagina no matter what it looked, tasted, or smelled like. And I'm not just saying that I promise.

  • Sounds normal, stop being paranoid


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  • its normal. most girls are like that down there anyways

  • Chill out. If a guy's down there, he's not thinking "wow, her p**** is a weird color". Trust me.

  • Good to know you have that too because mine is like that the edges of My inner lips are kind of purple and the inside is pink... My nipples when they get hard turn to purple too ... I am like you a very light olive color...

    I do feel weird about it as in the movies every girl seems to have pink nipples and inner lips...

    A guy that seem plenty probably won't care because he has seem something similar already but I guess guys that haven't seem much might find it odd... Idk

    I just know it concerns me

    • Yeah I've noticed that too! My nipples are a light brown with a pink undertone even when I'm aroused, so I'm wondering if that's a turn off or disappointment!:o

    • Me too and I am really self consious about it...but no guy has ever seen it So I don't know...