Would an odd labia color turn you off?

I have only been intimate with one person (I am still a virgin however) so I have barely become self concious of my anatomy down there. I noticed that my inner labia are a dark brown color on the majority of the skin but pink when its near my opening. I have a very light olive skin tone so I realize that I would not be a light pink down there. Would the color contrast of my outer labia to my inner labia be a turn off or be unpleasant? The guy I was intimate with said I had a small, pretty one, but was he lying & the color grossed him out?


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  • That's normal.

    For the record, most guys, their penis/scrotum will be darker then the rest of their skin, and the head will be more red/pink.

    You're normal, relax.

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      Ok. Its just that on this form and from what I've heard other people say the main prefrence is pink vulvas. Mine is a medium pink but the inner labia are dark brown and I feel like I will be compared and unliked (as far as physical attraction goes) because of it later. I sometimes think the guy I was dating was just being nice because he was the first to see me down there. :s