Sexual questions to ask

I am 19 years old and a virgin lately I have been talking to this guy for about a month now and he seems pretty cool we ask each other different kinds of questions and lately I've been thinking about asking him sexual questions but I can't think of many can anyone think of some I should ask?


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  • ask about his experience and hw he feels and stuff..most importantly a mood has to be created by you two..then rest all wil follow soon..dont forget sharing kisses on phone..that might be ur first step to ...


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  • curious-girl has some good answers. You can also start with is he manscaped? leading to if your shaved or not. A little slower start then move on to heavier questions.


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  • well you could just start by asking things like "how far have you gone with a girl" or ask him what turns him on or something... just play a question game and he may ask you a question that gets you thinking about different questions to ask =)

  • You can ask him at what age he first had sex. It is advisable to find out if he has ever been tested for STD's, especially if you are considering having sex with him.