How do I get more foreplay?

So my guy knows that I want foreplay and I tell him all the time sex isn't as good for me without it. I really want to make out before sex and get touched all over, but he thinks just fingering me a little is enough. The truth is I really don't enjoy getting fingered unless I am really wet. I've told him not to neglect the rest of my body but he thinks foreplay isn't that important. Right now the only way to get foreplay is by refusing to have sex with him as he knows I can't resist him when he kisses me.

How can I get him to understand that foreplay is really important to me and that I need more?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Dont give in so easy when he's in the mood... if you want foreplay & he's not giving it & thinks he can get his way to sexual satisfaction by kissing you, get up & walk away.

    This will let him know that you mean buisness.

    That you want what you want & if you don't get what you want he's not getting what he wants.

    But also don't be to forceful towards that... as he might go somewhere else to find his 'sexual satisfaction'

    Also talk to him about this & let him know that you really need foreplay to get in the mood

    also tell him that it makes it better for HIM

    guys always love this.

    as they are very self-examined creatures(:

    the reason you can tell him that it makes it better for him is that it gets you in the mood & more into the role of being 'sexy' or 'intimate' so you can satisfy him more/better!

    hope I helped(:


    ps. remember if you don't want to get up & walk away you could tease him a little bit

    like kissing him or getting him in the mood then asking if he would do foreplay on you,

    if the answer is no... walk away & make him want it more.

    Eventually he should cave & begin foreplay with you.

    Dont be to forceful & don't give in so easily.