How many times can a man come without feeling discomfort?

My boyfriend comes twice and seems to be no good after the second go. I'm usually a horny mess because I still want to romp. Does it hurt when a guy comes more than two or three times in the span of an hour? Is there anything I can do to make it more pleasurable for him?


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  • From personal experience I don't think its possible for a guy to come more then 2-3 A HOUR. After the 2nd or 3rd one, he will last a long long time and prob. pass the hour mark.

    Having said that, I will testify that I have gone on a 2 day sex marathon and as far as I can remember came over 15-20 times. But at that point you don't care about coming, you just don't want you dick to fall off or start bleeding. lol. So cumming more then once or 2 times doesn't hurt, but your guys junk might start to get raw/sore. So please keep an eye out for your guy.

    As far as helping him, the hornier he is after his first load is spent, the better the next on will be, and the next one(if your lucky). So get him really worked up and hope for the best


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  • Pain isn't the problem, it's the reload time (refractory period, for the precise). Men aren't built for the extended, multiple-plateau orgasms that women have. (Two in an hour? Lucky!)

    Most guys after two good orgasms would REALLY want to sleep. It's why we learn to delay, and delay, and delay, because once we're done, we're done.

  • there usually isn't any pain, But it takes about 10 min before we can do it again and the second one is harder to get and doesn't feel as great as the first. the third is the same 15 min then it takes even longer.. if a guy does get a third one off he is probly beet red, sweating like a whore in church, and he feels like he just ran the new york marathon. during my few looooong nights I'm more happy that I got that far without hurting myself then that I came for a third time in one night.

  • Yeah eventually repeated ejaculations feel less and less could, and after awhile they even hurt.

    The way a guy lasts longer and keeps a girl happy is by delaying his ejaculation, this can be done by slowing down the sex, thinking about his HS gym teacher, or whatever works. Condoms help a guy last longer too.

    • I have a friend who pictures renee Zellwigger.

  • You need to finish with your boyfriend and come with me, the lucky git. I'll still only come a couple of times an a hour though:-)


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