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Does every girl squirt when she orgasms?

I've had sex with three different guys and I've never been able to orgasm but I was just wondering if every girl squirts out when she does?

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  • No. Most women don't squirt when they have orgasms and those that can don't always squirt every time. In fact, they're two separate types of orgasm. Squirting is usually associated with G-spot orgasms. Orgasms from clitoral stimulation, which are more common and easier to achieve for most women, don't usually cause squirting.

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  • I can't speak for every gra but wheneva I'm engaging in a sexual activity with my boyfriend I always squirt. That's how you know he doing the job and you are really catching an orgasm. Some people nut and it is white.. Every female is different. Don't feel bad!

  • No. Supposedly every woman is CAPABLE of squirting, but that doesn't mean all of them will tap into the ability. Also, it may not be true. It can also depend on the type of stimulation that results in the orgasm.

  • No, we don't all squirt when we orgasm. I rarely do.

  • No, not every girl squirts when she orgasms, very few actually do. In fact it's hard for girls to orgasm because some have to learn to do it. your body produces "wetness" but girls have to learn to squirt and some have to learn to orgasm and it can be forced in some cases!

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