What are some weird places you masturbated?

Its easier for a girl to do it in weird places because there is no boner evidence but anyway for me its: The back seat of the bus, in the car, on the balcony at night, bathroom at school, behind the cashier at a shop I was working that didn't have many customers, in a forest when I was younger and in a swimming pool using the water jets. What are yours?


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  • Do you consider that butt a small butt? I have a butt like that and I hate it.

    • Excuse me?

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    • So what you're saying is you don't care?

    • I care a lot, I like that butt and I want to eat that apple.

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  • Office at work, pool, night time at park on slide with friends

  • The bleachers at the local field..

    The river..

    In the Ocean off of a Cuban beach..

    My friends couch..

    The back of my friends van..

    In a church..

    • In a church? Haha when did you do that?

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    • YOUR FRIEND? male or female? dual masturbation? :D

    • My bestie, Sica.. she's a girl...

  • Hahaha why not just wait until you get home?

    • Well, being horny and not masturbating is a little bit like torturing your self, I don't like to torture my self.

    • Hahahaoh my. I've never gotten "horny" while out in public.

  • In a public bus? How does that work?

    • There were people only in the front, not in the back. What are some places you did it? ;)

  • the car

  • Public bathrooms at work, school, etc. Movie theatre, had my coat over me like a blanket and friends were sitting beside me. In the car, under a blanket.

  • During class...


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  • When I was in grade 7 I actualy did it in class once, no joke. I put my hand down my pants and just did it. I was discreet and no-one seen it hahaha. That has to be the wierdest place I did it.

  • 1st; in a tent in a tree

    2nd; on a beach in Australia at midnight during an electrical storm

    I challenge you to beat that :D

  • While skinny dipping in a river & in a conference room with huge windows overlooking the city at night (while phonesexing)

  • In class, while driving

  • plane bathroom

  • Living room.