When a guy masturbates does he think of another girl?

I'm wondering, if a guy is in a happy, healthy relationship, will he think of other girls while masturbating? Guys, have you ever been in a great relationship (where everything is met) but turn around and think of another girl, like Jessica Alba or something while masturbating? I'm just really curious about this. Thanks for any responses :)


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  • sry redroan but most definitely. you see masturbation for a guy is time when he can pick any woman he wants, even if ur extremely hot, masturbating to the same person gets kinda old fast, that's why most guys move from woman to woman such as what their really into that day such as asian, latino, white, etc. I'm not tryin to be mean, but my point is that that's a guys alone time to fantasize about any chick. so you can see why he'd pick others while he can have you in real life ; )

    please don't hate me for my honesty.

    i hope dis helps

    • Ive seen you answer before. why would they hate you for your honesty? its what they want. otherwise the wouldn't ask

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    • Yah I've stopped saying that because people have said its annoying so ill stop

    • I agree with your original answer and I also agree that no one should hate the person who is giving their opinion ESPECIALLY when they asked for it : )

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  • Depends on the type of guy. There are guys that are in the type of relationship that you speak of, that don't think of another girl, or don't even masturbate at all. (their needs are met, right?).

  • almost all the time.

    99.9% of the time.

  • I do (but not Jessica Alba, that's not my type) ...then again I'm not in a very happy relationship right now

  • Certainly. and if the girl is honest, so does she. Mostly when I masturbate, I think about my wife, sometimes I think about other people and sometimes I think about my wife and other people. When we are honest, we have to admit that we have a generalized sexual preference for our gender of interest. This doesn't change when we get in a relationship.

    • Actually, I think of my boyfriend. That's just me though, despite the fact we've been together for a long time, I can still think of new fantasies with him. I have to be emotionally attached to the person to get really turned on, that's why.

      Thanks for your answer:)

  • When my girlfriend was oversees I would masterbate thingking of her but never of somebody else

  • the answer is yes

  • Yes he thinks of other girls.

  • no, I really try to distract myself from thinking about my girlfriend when I'm masturbating, or try to create an environment made of porn and a whole hot thoughts and stories, but when I'm about to do it my thinking switches automatically to her, and I can't help it, she sits on the the top of every sexual fantasy I have.

  • Honestly, I don't want to think about my girlfriend while masturbating. It almost seems... disrespectful. I can think about other girls because I don't care about them, and don't care about respecting them.

    My opinions are pretty weird, though. So it may be different for other guys.

    • That sounds sweet in an unorthodox way lol

    • Actually this isn't a very weird response, especially considering my boyfriend gave me the same answer as you did :)

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  • Guys think about pretty much every attractive girl they've ever met during sex/oral sex/when they masturbate (including their girlfriends). Not the answer you wanted, but it's true. Men are way more visual than girls are and it's just an automatic reaction, they can't help it.

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