White girls with big asses - hot or not?

I mean, damn...are you a fan? Because I know I sure as hell am.

I'm mixed, part black though so I guess that's typical lol but they really are sexy. probably my favorite

whats your opinion?


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  • Definitely HOT. Alexis Texas comes to mind (no pun intended)

    • lol yeah exactly like that. I could do some stupid sh*t to get my hands on her. she's got a sick body, one of the best

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  • im straight but I think every girl and guy needs an ass. flat and small are gross and digusting even though people can't help what they don't have

  • Yes I think a majority of guys like a medium sized or bigger round ass, on any girl.


What Guys Said 9

  • I don't care about race...as long as she's got a big ol ass, I'm a fan. If I got abducted by aliens and they had big purple asses, I'd be trying to tap that lol

  • oh yeah! truly a fan

  • I just love a big ass, just about any kind of woman could stand to have an ass like that.

  • Asian women with big butts are even better.

  • Im an ass man I guess you could say, BUT my type of ass is the smaller, fitter ones that still have definition and that curve o_o

    • so probably not for me

    • oh no problem, dude. to each is own. send the big bottomed chicks my way. its all good ;)

    • lol will do

  • Ass or no ass, white women are fantastic and judging by what I read, every other race fancies white people too.

    • i mean, everyone has their own tastes and opinions. I do love white girls, but not all white girls. maybe being white is all it takes for you. maybe the hilary clintons, rosie o donnels, roseanne barrs, paris hiltons, and mary-kate olsens of the world turn you on...and that's cool, man, but ima go a different route lol

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    • No. But racist cartoons of them were made, etc. I can't spare you something you are full of..

    • So "racist cartoons"(they've never done anything like that to white people, huh?) made people in Japan pay thousands of dollars to change their appearances?

      You're one of the dumber people I've met on here, and that says a lot.

  • Doesn't have to be big for me shape is more important. Too big is gross too small is also not appealing but shape is my thing when it comes to asses.

  • They're okay, but I prefer smaller asses.