White girls with big asses - hot or not?

I mean, damn...are you a fan? Because I know I sure as hell am.

I'm mixed, part black though so I guess that's typical lol but they really are sexy. probably my favorite

whats your opinion?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Definitely HOT. Alexis Texas comes to mind (no pun intended)

    • lol yeah exactly like that. I could do some stupid sh*t to get my hands on her. she's got a sick body, one of the best

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What Girls Said 2

  • im straight but I think every girl and guy needs an ass. flat and small are gross and digusting even though people can't help what they don't have

  • Yes I think a majority of guys like a medium sized or bigger round ass, on any girl.


What Guys Said 9

  • I don't care about race...as long as she's got a big ol ass, I'm a fan. If I got abducted by aliens and they had big purple asses, I'd be trying to tap that lol

  • oh yeah! truly a fan

  • I just love a big ass, just about any kind of woman could stand to have an ass like that.

  • Asian women with big butts are even better.

  • Im an ass man I guess you could say, BUT my type of ass is the smaller, fitter ones that still have definition and that curve o_o

    • so probably not for me

    • oh no problem, dude. to each is own. send the big bottomed chicks my way. its all good ;)

    • lol will do

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