What do bisexual girls like about other girls?

What would you see in another girl? They have the same parts as you...do you like their cookie? breasts? what would turn you on about another girl?


Most Helpful Girl

  • yeah I agree with josn-n. its for the same reason guys like girls.

    i think another girl would be better at oral sex than men (even tho most guys are quite good at it anyway!) because they know exactly how they like to be touched etc. Whereas *some* (not all by any means) guys don't really know what women want sexually wise even if the girl shows him. its weird but I only really like girls sexually. I always fall for a guy really bad emotionally and get hurt whereas with women, I just wouldn't have that fear because id assume it'd be more casual/sex than a serious relationship and most girls are emotional to some extent anyways. with a guy, I have to trust them before I let my "sexual barrier" down-I have to think its going somewhere and not just sex etc-whereas wit a girl I could just let go. some girls (like guys) can smell really good depending on what fragrance they wear. If I'm friends with a straight girl, most of the time I would not check her out because it'd prob freak her out.

    haha "the cookie"! good word.