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Spoil your boyfriend?

Guys, what is the best way a girl can spoil you? You always hear about guys spoiling their girlfriends with gifts and such. but what would a guy... Show More

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  • hmmmmm well valentines day is comming up I suggest give him a card good for one sex session (anything he wants to do and you have to go with it) . hahaor you could buy him dinner that always works. 'a way to a guys heart is through his stomach" SO TRUE I CANT SAY THAT ENOUGH

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  • lapdance and a great tease.then please lol

  • Maybe it is the wrong answer, but I'd like to be dominated......so I would be spoiled by being used for her pleasure, maybe even humiliated...I wouldn't want her to do something that she doesn't want to do, but she could certainly spoil me by trying something that she might not normally do... ;)

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