Ladies, how do you pee while standing up?

This is a serious question.

Like how is this done?

When I try peeing while standing up the pee ends up running down my leg :\

Why does that happen?


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  • Almost any girl can learn to pee standing up and not have it run down your leg. There are a couple of different ways.

    The most efficient just requires your fingers. You have to spread your labia and pull it upwards a bit so that you expose your urethra and have nothing blocking it. You'll want to roll your hips forward so that your urethra is aiming forward instead of straight down. Then, pee away. With a bit of practice, you can pretty much pee just like a guy. Practice in the shower so you can learn without making a mess.

    If you can't or won't do that, then you can use a funnel to simulate a penis. There are purpose-made funnels, like the EZ-Pee, but you can easily take a paper plate, fold it in half like a taco shell with a curve at the bottom, stick it between your legs pointing down, and let 'er rip.

    These are all very common techniques that females use who go backpacking or do sports that keep you away from civilization.

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      My experience as well. When they spread to avoid the hissy splashing, place a finger tip at the top of the clit hood above the bud and pull up. That aims the urethra straight out. Tightly innie girls can do this but it takes more effort.

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      Hahaha I'm glad you mentioned the paper plate method. =P

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      Hey, when you're out doing "wilderness camping", girls learn real quick to be practical about peeing, because they're going to need to go often, and there isn't always time for a full squat. And I'm sure it can come in handy lots of other times too.

      I knew about the paper plate method, but your post a while back reminded me of it. For those that didn't know, it's a very good tip!