Virgin guys have a hard time getting laid??

I'm 24 year old and still a virgin. I can't get girl for laid and I hear women they prefer experience guys over virgin guys make me lose interested in girls or being asexual for a while.


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  • Here's a thought, stop telling girls you're a virgin. Fake it 'till you make it--no pun intended.

    • Good idea. but if they find the truth what I do to tell them?

  • Ahhh you are the same guy I just answered your last questions. I am not sure about this one... Although I would imagine their a lot of vrgin girls out there too that would like their first time to be with a virgin man.

    • Well, women don't have to worry about being virgin because they can get laid easier but virgin guys have to work harder.

  • I get really sad when I hear women say all that stuff. Take pride in yourself. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin. When you get a girl into the bed, be honest, and if she does reject you, just take the sting and be happy you aren't with her. Not all females are like that. You're just in a different part of the world.

  • Male or female, we don't walk around with a card on our head stating "Virgin" & "Nonvirgin" and virginity isn't a common conversation starter, so don't blame your virginity on why you're single.

    That's not how relationships work.

    Put yourself out there, ignore whatever generalizations you've been told that you've been allowing to stand in the way of talking to girls and put in some effort.

    People aren't obsessive about virginity in the real world as they are online. People may have preferences but that doesn't mean those preferences are standards.

    • But I'm afraid of rejection.

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    • This is like the meeting of the minds...

    • It's not harsh for me because I understand what you are saying, have you tried maybe going on an online dating website and going under the sexual encounter section that's how I found my one night stand and the jest of what I was saying was sort of on the lines of feeling her out before you get involved and get her comfortable with you and vice versa to make sure that you have made the right choice in person and maybe if she likes you, you might see her often in a sexual way

  • I'll tell you a secret: A virgin who takes pride in his virginity is way more attractive then a virgin who is a virgin because he couldn't get girls to date him.

    Tell these girls you are a virgin because you wanted to save yourself for the right girl... then if you try to sleep with them, they will think they are truly special because you didn't try that with any of the other girls.

  • No I would think it was sweet if the guy was a virgin. Wouldn't have to worry about STDs either

  • Awwe, I feel for bad for you. Its totally normal that you're still a virgin. I mean it was your desicion right. Have you tried going to the bar? and if you do find someone to screw. DONT tell the them your still a virgin mmkay...:) don't give up there will the timee

  • Lol! It's not like you have the word virgin stamped on your forehead. Believe me your virginity is not your reason. Your reason is the same reason why you're still a virgin when you're desperately trying to lose it.

    • Whatever. I give up ok

  • You don't have trouble getting laid because you're a virgin. You're a virgin because you have other qualities that are keeping you from getting laid. Especially at 24, I'll be honest, I would wonder why a guy hadn't had sex by then. And in your case, you're admitting that you can't even when you try, so that makes me wonder what so many girls have seen before me that's a problem. I think you need to make some changes in confidence/demeanor.

    • Why guys have to get confidence but girls don't need confidence to get sex it not fair.

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    • girls like you are the reason why some guys think it's OK to rape girls. good job anonymous coward.

    • And guys like you are the reason guys get screwed in court when it comes to rape. Any sane man thinks rape is wrong under ANY circumstance. You need to be locked up. I'm reporting your user name.

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  • The first thing is that women are more than for laid. If sex is your first priority, you are gonna have a lot more problem losing it as you age because as women age are gonna raise their standard.

    I don't know what you look like, but if the picture is an indication; how about you get a pair of pants and shirt that fit and shower daily.

    Next time to see a girl, don't see her as a piece of meet. See her an a potential friends that you would see yourself spending some time with. Until you get pass this point, nobody can help you.

    • what you talking about shower daily? I shower two times or three times a f***ing day and still not enough attractive to them oh come on! give me a break!

    • Guy, I don't know how often you shower. I am just making sure that I cover the basic for you. Also you miss the most important part. Treat them more like a potential friend than a piece of ass.

    • Oh OK, yea I understand to treat girls as friend first but the problem I'm too horny to be friends with girls that my problem not your.

  • That's why they're still virgins.

    Of course your prospective partner doesn't need to know you're a virgin.

    Especially with guys - they can't tell by looking at you.

    Of course your extra horniness will give it away.

  • If you simply wanna get laid go to a club or some wack ass whatever find some tap that ass or a hooker don't blame it on your lack of experience that makes no sense

  • obviously, virgin or not, girls, not guys, will always have an easier time getting action from guys

  • Seeing these comments gets me down. I am 24 and a virgin too. I have had poor social skills and low confidence all of my life, and I doubt I'd tell a girl I was about to have sex with unless she questioned me about my awkward lovemaking skills. I have a mild case of autism, ADD, and avoidant personality disorder that I am currently seeking therapy for. I have had poor eye contact all my life and I've only recently recognized it and am trying to fix it. I try and tell myself all the time that I'm worthy of having a girlfriend but I've been knocked down by people telling me I have no RIGHT to ANYTHING! I think we should both accept that we aren't entitled to anything and there are always those failures who never manage to procreate. I'm hoping for a more positive future for us shy guys but it seems bleak. Sorry I couldn't be of much encouragement.

    And I am SO F***ING TIRED of guys who act out in anger and confirm all of the stereotypes out there that society has for virgin men. I am a good person and do not want to be stereotyped as the angry, ugly, bitter virgin loser! I have a good job and good friends but have had bad luck with women! Does that make me less of a person? Seems like there are many that believe that.

  • Women want confidence in a man; I f you can train yourself to behave in an "Alpha Male" way, a man of "high status", you are on the right path. The internet is full of advice on confidence building with the ladies. And about what women "like" i.e. virgin/experienced, I've read a lot on this topic and there seems to be mixed opinions on this, just as there would be on the issue of short/tall men, nice guys/bad boys, or body hair/clean.