Do guys like virgins? why or why not?

do you get some pleasure from the fact that the girl is a virgin?



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  • For long term relationships I would prefer a virgin. To mess around with I wouldn't care

    • why a virgin?

    • I would respect her more and would feel closer to her to be her first, more often then not they prefer to be mostly dominated and I could 'mould' her in bed lol. I would feel closer to her if she was a virgin

    • thanks for best answer

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  • It makes no difference to me.

  • It doesn't matter.

  • maybe some, I guess (i'm getting old, it's been a loooooong time since I've been with a virgin, haha), but honestly I think it's one of those things that sounds better on paper that it actually is in reality, haha

  • i would prefer it

    • if the girl wasn't a virgin ill just trade up in five years for a younger hotter version of her and not feel bad about it

    • kinda want a family though so I'm not there yet

  • It really wouldn't matter to me. I would be able to understand apprehension from her, so that would be no problem. But if she let her virginity turn into an insecurity, then that would be a problem that didn't need to be created.

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  • Maybe some.Some get intimidated by the pressure of being with a virgin. They're lazy and don't want to teach a girl or deal with the emotional pressure. A guy that actually loves you won't care if you're a virgin or not. He'll feel special that he gets to be part of that.