How can I get him to perform oral?

I love oral, both giving and receiving, however, I rarely get it from him. We've been together for two years and have been living together for about 4 months. When I finally asked, because I was feeling a little neglected in that arena, he mentioned that one of his ex's, this girl having been his first, back when he was about 17(5 years ago), had forced him to do it and he doesn't like it so much anymore. Originally I thought it was not being completely shaven, but then after shaving 100%(which isn't always so easy to do, and for the record I do try to do as often as possible), it came down to be lightly asking and receiving the above answer. I don't want to force him, but I'd love to get a little oral affection.

Like I said, I don't want to force, just a way to maybe get him to consider it a little more opposed to throwing it away because of a girl who screwed him over years ago, especially after he was with so many girls post her during his time in high school.


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  • Treat him how you'd like to be treated if the same thing had happened to you. Being forced to do something can often ruin whatever something it was. Be patient. Maybe ask him if he can just try "being in that area" without giving full-fledged oral. Like kissing your thighs or just resting his head there. Baby steps :P

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      I don't think any guy should have to be weaned or pampered into oral sex. He should want to dive right in, so long as his lover attends to her housekeeping adequately.

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      Not everyone's the same. Doesn't do any good to tell someone how they should feel about something sexual.

      Besides, she's not going to get anywhere with him by just telling him to "man up." Considering he has only done it once and it wasn't a good experience, a bit of understanding goes a long way.

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      Actually, as he's had many previous partners before me/after this girl, I'll assume he's had more experience and trust me I'm trying to be understanding. I love him too much to force him into something he's really not comfortable with, like you said, baby steps and gently discussing perhaps in a non-nagging way. :)