Do your perceptions of someone's physical attractiveness change?

Imagine when you met you found someone physically attractive, and the personality aspects that originally attracted you are still there. Does your perception of their physical attractiveness change in the following situations?

1) You went out, they hurt you badly.

2) You went out, you broke up through circumstances (e.g. geography or stress) and remained friends.

3) You went out, it ended mutually, you remained friends.

4) You never got together, you became friends.

5) You became friends, you got together but did not go out, you went back to being friends.

6) You went out, but they turned out to have negative personality traits or habits you did not see before (e.g. posessive, rude to parents or service).

7) You hit on someone, they rejected you, you remained friends or aquaintances.

Essentially I want to know if physical attraction dies over time, if so how long, and particularly in the case of when you still get on with this person, does it ever die?


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  • The physical attraction never changes unless her physical state changes (weight gain etc.). However, Although the physical attraction never changes , any of those situations you stated can make you have strong emotional changes which in the long run can overpower the physical attraction. If I was very physically attracted to a girl but then realized that she had negative personality traits (personality is the most important thing to me) I just could no longer be attracted to that person no matter how great her looks are. I've been with my girlfriend for 5 years , she has a wonderful personality and a loving heart ; I'm still as attracted to her as the day we met.

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      Aw that's sweet.... Can I ask, what about if you stay friends but not together with someone?

      And also, are you saying that in any case where there hasn't been a big fall out or turn off, the physical attraction will remain?

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      Thanks lol. That's what I thought, and was wanting to hear confirmed!

      The guy I like has commitment issues so broke of what we had, but we are remaining very close friends... Its a recent change so we will see how it goes, but I am reassured to think that part of things is unlikely to change, and I know we get on amazingly, so its literally just waiting out to see if his commitment issues subside. Thanks heaps. :)

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      No prob. Just have patience. Hope everything works out for you.