Girls- rub or insert?

What do you prefer a guy to do? (in a sexual way) what do you like best?


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  • Both would be fine

  • Omg ! definitely rub.. personally.. I don't like when a guy inserts.,. to me it doesn't cause as much pleasure to me... then again.. I have an extreemly sensitive clit (not trying to be a hoe up in here.. so girls don't say sh*t, I'm not trashy) but every girls different.. you need to experiment with the girl your with and see which she likes best ! don't be afraid to explore ! :) - Sara Lamoureux

  • I'd have to say rub, that's the only way I can orgasm. Inserting feels fantastic too, but I can't get off that way. If it was one I'd say rub, but can I be greedy and have both? :)

    Layla - PsychoBarbie xxx

  • Both is ideal. But otherwise rub has a better success rate.

  • Insert

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