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Girls, do you ever go into a muscle spasm or like squirm/shake during sex?

A lot of girls I've had sex with go into this weird ass spasm when we have sex, like they'll be enjoying it so much they start shaking and their legs... Show More

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  • Prior to and during an orgasm I get severe muscle spasms! It is a feeling very hard to describe for sure and includes some involuntary humping also

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  • A full and genuine orgasm does involve muscle spasms and a distinctive sort of shiver that's usually accompanied by a tighter grip, more muscle spasms, etc.

    Squirming is not part of an actual orgasm. Shaking = faking. If it looks like it's way too over the top, it usually is.

  • Depends on how hard I cum

  • Usually legs shake and go like jelly. normal for me lol

  • i usually have some muscle spasms when I'm orgasm-ing and after orgasm my legs generally turn to jelly. is it common? I don't know I don't sleep with girls lol

  • my legs shake really bad & sometimes I can't walk after

  • Involuntary shaking, and my legs turn to jelly. The shaking is like the jitters from too much coffee, but all over.

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