Dirty pic swap, yes/no?

im texting this guy from school, and he spent the day telling me how much I mean to him and how much he wants to be with me. He told me about all the things he has done with his ex g.fs like 3sums and what not and then out of the blue a few hours later he text me asking if I wanted to swap mild dirty pics? I didn't reply because I feel that he thinks I'm that easy and have no respect for myself that I would do that. (I would only do this if I was in a realtionship and besides I don't have any pics right now Because I deleted them all from my phone a while back)...

Am I over reacting in being mad at him for asking or what would you do personally guys and girls?

i feel that if all the things he says is true then he would never have asked about them.

no I know this guy from school and we have hung out a couple of times but I've text him a lot over the last 2/3 weeks.
he text a couple hours later after I didn't reply with any sort of text and just said " I didn't think you would send the pic anyway".

so was he just testing me or trying to make me feel bad for not sending what he wanted?


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  • Don't. You don't know this guy well enough to trust him with something like this. Plus, if he is telling you about his sexual history, I think it makes him more of a player. I don't think guys who are into relationships, and commitment would tell a new girlfriend, or friend about their sexual history. So, don't send him any pictures you would not want other people to see.


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  • If you do that you obviously haven't been dating for too long, but I guess you need to fall down sometimes to learn a lesson.

    My answer to your question is No, you shouldn't in my opinion, but its your life.

  • I am sorry, but I completely agree with anon here

    The answer is simple...NO, it is not OK to swap nude pics with someone you barley know...it is not a good idea.

  • Well...you've only spent one day with him. If I got a girl to send me dirty pics after a day I would think, "man, that was easy". Be smart here. It all depends on what you want with this dude.

    • The dude just wants to see your goods, have more respect for yourself. If a guy tries to pressure you to show your body, don't you think that's a sign? You deserve better the this dude...

  • I can't believe how gullible some of you girls are.


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  • Do not send that pic. whatever he says. Stand your ground. and if you do end up sending the pic, he's basically won because he's made you seem like the idiot. he was making you feel guilty about not sending the pic. and he's a Pr*ck :D