Dirty pic swap, yes/no?

im texting this guy from school, and he spent the day telling me how much I mean to him and how much he wants to be with me. He told me about all the... Show More

no I know this guy from school and we have hung out a couple of times but I've text him a lot over the last 2/3 weeks.
he text a couple hours later after I didn't reply with any sort of text and just said " I didn't think you would send the pic anyway".

so was he just testing me or trying to make me feel bad for not sending what he wanted?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't. You don't know this guy well enough to trust him with something like this. Plus, if he is telling you about his sexual history, I think it makes him more of a player. I don't think guys who are into relationships, and commitment would tell a new girlfriend, or friend about their sexual history. So, don't send him any pictures you would not want other people to see.