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What's your favorite foreplay action?

Well.. what really gets you going? How long do you need foreplay for before you want sex?

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  • I'm a neck kisser and lip biter. I prefer a little fondling, petting beforehand. Sex for a minute or so.. THEN oral... we are big teases when we do foreplay. Usually lasts like 10 minutes or so.. Which isn't long but it is for a couple that never does foreplay.

What Guys Said 5

  • I really like BJs and making out, of course, but my favorite things all involve me doing things to her, and enjoying her reactions. I guess the absolute favorites would be fingering her and giving her oral. Boob action would be a close second.

  • The obvious, bj, playing with my balls, but also licking my nipples, feeling her hair, her smell, and giving her oral...

  • a nice slow teasing blowjob with eye contact works best for me!

  • LOL! Giving oral and body fluids...(:

  • I'd give her oral sex for foreplay.

What Girls Said 5

  • Some kissing, light touching and a bit of messing with my titties

  • grinding :)

  • Oh, jeez, the list goes on and on. I love sharing suckers and popsicles, sucking on one another's fingers and toes, kissing necks and sucking earlobes, dry humping and grinding... any of these will get me going.

  • Neck sucking

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