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Girls, licking balls? guys, getting them licked? thoughts?

I personally love when my girlfriend is giving a bj and she pays some special attention to the balls too. She also loves it and has said a lot, even to other people howe much she loves balls lol. She's also said she loves when they hit against her during sex. Girls, do you like doing it? Is it fun, is there anything else about balls that you like? Guys, do you like it? I've had frtiends tell me before that they aren't fans of it, but I absolutely love it

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  • Honestly I enjoy licking and sucking on them when I give a bj just because it makes my guy happy, that's part of what makes a good bj right? ;) As far as during sex, I absolutely LOVE when they hit against me lol. Balls MUST be shaved though and clean before I will touch them, because let's face it, they are not the prettiest part of a man lol :)

    • BA for the great answer and the great picture lol

    • Thanks! :)

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  • I dig it, and do it for my boyfriend often, last night included. I surprised him the first time I did it though, because he had apparently been used to girls he'd been with in the past doing 'nothing out of the ordinary', and I am so not that kind of girl. I like to explore many avenues of pleasure, and don't shy away from much. He told me I earned 'keeper points' when I first did that to him, haha. I think balls are fun.

  • teabagging is totally awesome

  • me gusta <3

  • i like using my mouth all over his body... balls included licking, sucking, everything.

What Guys Said 5

  • Love it.

  • Never had a girlfriend who had any desire to lick my balls. They'll play with them a little, gently cup and squeeze them, but I've never had one actually put her mouth on them. And honestly, I can't say that I blame them. Balls are not attractive.

  • I don't even care for bjs and really don't like my testicles messed with...o.O

  • I think I've had it like once? It felt pretty nice but it was mainly pleased me visually.

  • I'm a fan of it too. Its visually sexy to me as well.