Bikini slip exposing your bits...

Have you had a bikini slip happen to you? Either your tit falls out or your bottoms slide across exposing your lower region?

  • Yes I've had both my tit and vag fall out of a bikini
    27% (6)12% (3)20% (9)Vote
  • Yes I've had my tit fall out of a bikini
    27% (6)0% (0)13% (6)Vote
  • Yes I've had my vag fall out of a bikini
    9% (2)4% (1)7% (3)Vote
  • Never had such a thing happen
    37% (8)84% (20)60% (28)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, both have happened to me. When going into a pool head first the bottoms will be pulled down or when going for a swim at a beach with big waves the top is going to come off at some point. Also when tanning and modifying the bikini to minimise tan lines some bits might occasionally slip out...

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What Guys Said 2

  • This question DEMANDS pics or it didn't happen :P hah

  • It doesn't happen enough


What Girls Said 9

  • Oh yes. It doesn't bother me if someone happens to see so I don't worry about it.

  • i did a flip in the pool and my entire bikini bottoms came off. super embarrassing!

  • I've had my bikini top come off a few times.

  • Yes, my bikini top came off when I dived into a pool.

  • Only if the guy happened to be underwater wearing goggles at the time I cannonballed into the pool

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