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My period only lasted 4 days...I'm kind of worried. Could I be pregnant?

My period only lasted 4 days...Im kind of worried. Could I be pregnant?

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  • mine usually last that long because I'm on the pill. The fact that you had your period at all means you're not pregnant! haha I wouldn't worry.

    • PHEWWW thank youuuu. cause it usually lasts 6-7 though :|

    • Eh, it changes. relax!

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  • If you were pregnant that would mean NO period at all. My periods sometimes last 4 days too, it depends on your body. I have friends who can last for 5-7 days. Don't worry about it. :] Hope I helped.

  • my period sometimes is only 3 days! hahits normal ;)

  • As long as you got your period at all you are not pregnant.

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