Why didn't he come last night?

Ok for starters, this isn't the first time we have had sex.

We were watching a movie, and I was horny so I initiated it, and he was hard as a rock, ready to go- We start having sex and we are all into it, and after about 20 minutes he stopped and looks at me and leans back and I didn't know what was going on- well he was still hard as a rock and we started having sex again, and 5 minutes later he stops again! AGAIN- still as hard as a rock...

Why didn't he cum? Was I not hot enough for him? afterward, I needed to leave anyway and he walked me to my car, and hugged me and kissed me and was happy as usual, texted me later as usual...asked me what I was doing Tuesday...

What happened?


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  • Either he was worried that he was going to come and was trying to hold off so he could last longer, or he was nervious/stressed/etc. and having some trouble getting to that point. Most likely it was the former. In any event, it had nothing to do with you or how hot you were; I'm sure he was completely satisfied in that regard.

    I know people joke all the time about how guys are "sex machines" who can perform at any time, and while there is some truth to that, we are still human, and sometimes we have an off day. But when that happens, it's OUR issue, not the girl's fault in any way. And these things usually solve themselves, so you shouldn't worry about it at all.


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  • Sounds like he held off.

    Did you cum?

  • I wish I had a solid answer for you. The one thing I know is it is not your fault. As a guy I don't know why he would only go halfway, leave himself hard and not come inside of you. There is no point to that. I'm sure you initiating having sex with him and due to the fact he stayed hard should of been more than enough for him to cum. Don't blame yourself. I don't know what game he is playing but one thing I know is that it sucks to be him if he wants to treat you and sex like that.


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  • I can tell you it was not in any way your fault and for him many reasons could have been the reason. I would think you would have enjoyed the added pleasure you were getting! lol

  • He was probably scared he was gonna come to fast, so he was probably just slowing down. I bet he just wanted to please you and try to make you come first. Well if he's a good guy that's what he'd do.

  • Because he got tired of your vag.

  • answerers will only tell you what you want to hear but no one really knows. you'll have to ask him. If it bothers you that much text him and say 'hey why didn't you come the other night, what was wrong?' I'm sure he'll tell you why. No one here knows what's in his head.