"Hairy armpits shock nation." What do you think about this girl and this article?


I'm not about to stop waxing my legs but I think it makes some pretty interesting points...it's frustrating sometimes this pressure and expectation to be perfectly bald everywhere...especially removing pubic hair, that sh*t is painful and causes ingrown hairs and the risk of infections...


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  • "shock nation" lolol people are silly. Women have only been shaving their armpits for 90 years, a tiny blip on the humankind calendar.

    I've had a terrible relationship with shaving. My armpits used to itch all of the time, ditto on my pubic region. Shaving my legs wasn't irritating but god it takes forever for something I don't even like doing. I only shaved so I could wear shorts and dresses and sleeveless shirts without being stared at. I realized that that isn't a good enough reason. So I stopped everything. I don't shave anything. These are my babes: link haha

    But anyway, about the article. I really like the points it makes without coming across like "you're just a sheep if you shave," which is what I see sometimes from women who have quit doing it. The whole point is the freedom of choice. If I enjoyed shaving, I would certainly do it.

    The only thing about not shaving that sucks is being anxious about people's reactions. I'm getting better at not giving a crap, though. One that always grinds my gears is, "obviously you're single," to which I'm happy to inform them that my boyfriend strokes my armpits, haha. I think people just get all angry when their stigmatic worldviews are challenged.


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      Good for you to make a decision to against the grain on what society tells you to do. I'm definitely not afraid or opposed to the fact if a girl doesn't want to shave down below. I'm not going to deny her either way

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      i think girls with armpit hair are sexy but I like legs shaved and p**** trimmed just my prefernce

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      The cool thing is I don't care what other guys' preferences are.