Female mastubation techinques?

just wanna know some good ways to masturbate(sex toys is not an option)


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  • I don't really know if your are into piercings or not, but if you are I HIGHLY recommend a Vch. A Vch is a vertical clitoral hood piercing, NOT the clitoris itself. But it kind of gives a slightly different sensation and a lot of contact when your masturbating by yourself or if a guy is doing it for you. I absolutely love mine and it is definitely worth it and if you ever choose to use toys, put them in the right place and it vibrates the entire ring giving you a mind-blowing, toe curling orgasm. lol But if your not into any of that, I'd say go with any type of detachable massaging shower head. Those do the trick for me for sure =)


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  • Detachable shower head, bath tub faucet, battery powered toothbrush, and of course fingers. Why no toys ?

    • Detachable shower head all the way! I LOVE mine!

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    • I use toys on my wife, and she loves it. That's how I know.

    • Ok thanx

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  • I started off rubbing my own clit, side to side, until I came. Make sure your fingernails are cut, otherwise, owie.

    Shower heads, jacuzzi, fingers.