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Girls: Bleeding after losing virginity?

I lost my virginity two days ago. I didn't bleed then, but I started bleeding today. It's very very light, but it's not like normal bleeding because... Show More

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  • The bleeding that happens when you lose your virginity is cause by tearing of the hymen. That is a thin membrane of mucous skin that partly covers your vagina. When a thick blunt object is penetrating the vagina, the membrane tears and you get bleeding. The bleeding happens righ then, not later.

    Blood two days later must have a different cause.

    • hm alrighty then. thanks ha ha :)

What Guys Said 3

  • The bleeding would have happen during or right after the event. The two probably aren't connected

  • I think it's different for every girl, so you're fine.

What Girls Said 3

  • He didn't break it then, so either he damaged it a little bit or didn't break it and if the bleeding doesn't stop soon go get it checked out ok

  • i started bleeding 4 days after I lost my virginity and I bled for 16 days straight. every female is different

  • i didn't bleed

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