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Girls: Bleeding after losing virginity?

I lost my virginity two days ago. I didn't bleed then, but I started bleeding today. It's very very light, but it's not like normal bleeding because it's not as thick...I know that it's normal to bleed after you lose it, but is it possible to begin bleeding two days later?

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  • The bleeding that happens when you lose your virginity is cause by tearing of the hymen. That is a thin membrane of mucous skin that partly covers your vagina. When a thick blunt object is penetrating the vagina, the membrane tears and you get bleeding. The bleeding happens righ then, not later.Blood two days later must have a different cause.

    • hm alrighty then. thanks ha ha :)

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  • He didn't break it then, so either he damaged it a little bit or didn't break it and if the bleeding doesn't stop soon go get it checked out ok

  • i started bleeding 4 days after I lost my virginity and I bled for 16 days straight. every female is different

  • i didn't bleed