How to satisfy my new wife who says her last partner was hung like a horse?

me and my wife have been married for 2 days and she recently told me that she had been sleeping with her old husband for the last 6 months prior to us getting married he has cancer and said she felt sorry for him she says he is a 10 incher and thick around the sides


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  • You didn't say this bothered you so all this is up to you and not up to anyone else's judgment. Besides, you're the one she married because she loves you and I'm sure you love her just as much or you wouldn't have married her. So just forget the past and just look to the present and future. You're married to her now and that's all you need to be concerned about. Her ex is history. I don't think it's going to be any major problem for you to satisfy her unless you're like half as big. If you want, you can get 100 times better than he was in giving her oral plus you can learn how to please her in other unique ways when having sex or just before initiating sex. The length isn't the main thing that pleasures a woman. The girth is just as important and maybe you're just as thick. Just don't be intimidated by her ex. Learn to please her sexually better than she ever has by him. Don't be discussing this with her anymore. If she wants to tell you more, tell her you'd rather that stayed in the past because she did it because she felt sorry for him and that it doesn't concern you anymore, and that you give her credit for telling you and being honest with you. Then forget about c**k size and start pleasuring he the very best you can.


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  • What a nice thing for her to say. You may want to really think about this. Ask her what she likes in bed. She's not a good person for saying that. I'm sorry but this makes me very upset. You don't marry someone if you've been cheating on them and you don't tell them about the details in specific. Why did you marry her?

  • WHAT? I'm sorry but that's ridiculous! I wouldn't stay with my husband if he said that.. "I feel sorry for him so I had sex with him" hmmm? You really need to think about this, If you want to be with her, seek Christ to help her stop seeing him sexually, UNLESS you can careless.. UGH sorry that's just wrong..

    but anyway

    Women like men who aren't selfish in bed

    its not always the size its what you do with it.

    PLEASE HER FIRST then you can finish

    we love affection

    lots of kissing and caressing

    lots of sweet things said...

    of course its different for all women

    maybe she likes it hard and dirty being called a bad dirty girl..

    you can add excitement by role playing costumes yaddie yadda yadda

    but serious you need to think how you feel about her sleeping with the other man. chances are if she feels sorry for him, she still FEELS for him...

  • I hate to say it... but she cheated on you and told you after you married her... not to mention the fact that he was larger. No wonder you are having issues. First off... just in my opinion... length is not that big of a deal to me... girth is. Second... I like external stimulation as much as internal... so sorry boys... once you hit 2 inches you are safe. Third... I personally think the quality of the sex is more important than the length of the d*ck... if the guy can use it... the guy can use it... if he can't... it doesn't matter the size of it. Fourth... Guys that have big d*cks that can't use them cause pain... not pleasure. At times I get more pleasure from oral than sex... it's not the man is doing it wrong... it is just the external female organs can be very sensitive sometimes. I have been with a few different shapes and sizes... my favorite was the one that could use it the best. BTW... females should NEVER compare a current to an ex... especially if she ever slept with him while they were together, I think that is in a woman's handbook somewhere.


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  • Don't worry about it. She married you, so she married your c*ck.

    Note to girls: your new man never need to know the size of your old men's c*ck. We have no use for this information. If he's fool enough to ask, they were all average.

  • wow. the betrayal is more than "just guilt". I am sorry for that. You my need to watch her in the future. I have found that women who cheat are bound to do it again. If you truly want to make up for your "short comings" work on your oral skills and foreplay. Guys are visual and women are emotional. If you can stimulate her emotions (teasing her and getting her really int he mood), she will forget your size and WANT you. Take time to incorporate things that you know she is into and make sure that she has the mood set they way she likes. Some ideas would be soft light and soft music. Maybe some texts that suggest that you are really looking forward to saying her that night. Stimulate her mind, and the body will follow. good luck.

  • Try anal sex then... I bet she you feel you!... and have her play with herself while you give your manhood to her... am I right?