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Are there ANY physical signs to look out for if a guy has had sex or not?

Are there any possible behaviors or appearance that is typical to non-virgin guys? I heard that non-virgin guys have broader shoulder mass, is that... Show More

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  • Not really. No physical things.More confident. More willing to bring up sex and sexual things in public. More likely to get close without being awkward about it. I have a friend. She does this weird thing where she does a superhero pose and sais grab my boobs, and when you do, yells adventure! guy goes ahead with it, been laidguy is like, Whut, virgin

    • Hmmm... I see, close as in physically close to you?

    • yah. like with dancing or anything really. Less hesitation

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  • Whether or not his hymen is broken.

    • uh...i mean outward physical appearance or signs, such as his gait or mannerisms...

    • lolfail

  • i think it's more his social behavior

    • be more detailed, please?

    • virgin-guys are probably more quiet, less talkative, not that outgoing, not so social

    • hm...probably not all quiet men are virgins, though

  • There is no physical change. It's all psychological. If the guy shows confidence and is usually relaxed around women, he's probably experienced sexually. If you ask him if he's been out with a lot of girls and he doesn't have to stretch for an answer, just says "a few" or "here and there" right away, I would say he's probably experienced.By the way, bringing up this question can be charming, but don't dwell on it. You then start to be obsessive.

    • Lol... Ok

  • hes glowing

    • Haha, very funny

  • He would be missing skin on top of his penis

    • OUTWARD physical signs... Something that can be seen just by looking ar or observing the guy

  • It's not so much that, it's just that a lot of girls tend to sleep with guys like that. It's not like the guys had sex and poof they got broader shoulders and tattoos lol.

  • Haha way to generalize...I'd say no, there's not any physical signs...

What Girls Said 1

  • the tattoo one is a stereotype .. but theirs no physical change in a guy after sex

    • really? you heard that one as well- that most guys with tattoos are "experienced" in one way or another?

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