Are there ANY physical signs to look out for if a guy has had sex or not?

Are there any possible behaviors or appearance that is typical to non-virgin guys? I heard that non-virgin guys have broader shoulder mass, is that true?

And guys that have tattoos are usually non-virgins?

Any way to tell besides asking a guy outright?


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  • Not really. No physical things.

    More confident. More willing to bring up sex and sexual things in public. More likely to get close without being awkward about it.

    I have a friend. She does this weird thing where she does a superhero pose and sais grab my boobs, and when you do, yells adventure!

    guy goes ahead with it, been laid

    guy is like, Whut, virgin

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      Hmmm... I see, close as in physically close to you?

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      yah. like with dancing or anything really. Less hesitation