"Virgins Are For Marriage, Non-virgins Are For Fun"?

What do you think of that statement? Is it true in most cases? How many of you guys you rather marry a virgin?

I'm surprised by all of the people saying no or untrue because when I saw this on another site many of the guys were agreeing and saying that they would prefer a virgin for when they're ready to settle down.


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  • Marry a virgin, could never happen. I would not buy a pair of shoes without trying them on, take on a life long commitment to feed, cloth, house, entertain, and love a woman, without first ensuring that she was a good sexual partner is unthinkable.

    I would want to spend a lot of time getting to know a girl before I ever considered marrying her. If I am not having sex with her on a regular basis I am not going to be with her long enough to learn anything about her.


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  • Dumbest thing I've seen in weeks.

    It's the state of our life and love that will bring me to marry a woman, not the state of her hymen.

  • Untrue.

    Just depends on the person and the type of "fun" you're talking about.

    Plus, virgins, if waiting till marriage will probably not stay virgins long after they get married. Their married, but not virgins, and yet hopefully, they still have "fun."

  • Sounds like a hypocritical statement. How are you going to experience the fun with non-virgins and still be virgin? If that was the case nobody would get married or nobody would have sex until marriage.

    It's an old sexist saying made by men to men. It is along the lines of young men need to sow their wild oats but young women need to remain modest and chaste. Complete double standard.

    For your second question--I did marry a virgin and I was a virgin when I married.

    • Your question and your update seems to have inherent hypocrisy, unless I am reading it wrong. Guys have fun until they are ready to settle down, then they find a nice virgin who wasn't also having fun?

      Yes, I would prefer a chaste girl to marry, and that is what I did.

      If you ask people who don't value chastity as important in their own lives, of course they won't agree with that statement because it would be hypocritical of them, even if the statement itself wasn't inherently hypocritical.

  • Don't agree with that statement at all.

  • no that's silly. virginity has nothing to do with whether I'd want to marry someone. Even when I was younger.


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  • nope very untrue

  • Could you post a link to the other question you saw. I'm just curious. But anyways, I know on a personal level, I would never marry someone that has never had sex, especially never with me. How would you possibly know how you are going to connect on that level. And it seems a little hypocritical to play with others and then marry a virgin when you aren't one yourself.

    • Connection on that level comes pretty naturally if other aspects of your relationship are in order. You should talk about what's acceptable, desirable, comfort levels, etc., but you don't need to have sex before marriage to know if you will be able to connect. My wife and I connected great and we were both virgin.

  • I don't think that is true really. you can have fun and be a virgin

  • not at all.

  • ok, so how does this work? obviously one of the people is not going to be a virgin because he/she is going to be playing around with all of the other non-virgins until they decide to get married to a 'marriage material' virgin. not trying to sound sexist or anything, but this is probably aimed toward females. I just don't get it. how can anyone think that a male should be able to go screw around, and a female should just keep her legs closed until he decides he's ready for her? this whole idea that virgins are pure and valuable and non-virgins are dirty and worthless is just so stupid. I am a virgin, and I don't see myself as being any better than anyone else just because I haven't yet had a penis between my legs. sorry, this crap makes me angry :). have a nice day, my friend. don't believe a stupid statement like that, and pleeeease don't retell it.