Girls! Give me a cyber makeover lol I want to meet girls

Ok I'm skinny 6'1, 150 pounds. I don't have to good of a fasion sense and I'm pretty much on the shy side when talking and approaching girls. I need... Show More

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  • "I need to get feedback on YOUR idea of what would you do to turn me into the type of guy YOU would date"...Ok, first and foremost, you sound ignorant. Not because your lack of confidence, but your lack of self worth. I'm almost positive that you're not going to be dating a woman on this site, therefore, their opinions in what they like in a man can differ which I highly assure you, WILL differ from everyday women you meet in real life. The fact that you even mention "personality wise", seeming that you would go to great lengths to change your personality for a woman is stupid in my opinion. Get your sh*t together. Come up with your OWN ideas. This is f***ing cheesy as HELL! And I tell you, I hate hearing it myself..but just be YOU. Man, you don't even know how hard it is trying to make everyone happy. Trying to get people to like you, may it be men or women. Find a style YOU like. Look through magazines, find what you like. Get ideas from that. You may not be a fashionista but I'm sure you'll find something you like.

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