Why does he always urinate before and sometimes after?

Before sex this guy always has to make a trip to the bathroom to urinate. Every time. And sometimes he does after too. I don't usually notice these things but its a regular pattern and seems like he has some problem?

Do guys just urinate more often than girls or something?


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  • I prefer to urinate before sex. More relaxed with an empty bladder. Urinating after sex to flush the urethra of semen left after ejaculation lowers the chance of urinary tract infection.


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  • urinating after sex is kinda normal and healthy for men. but before sex ... if it's always so and if he doesn't go to bathroom before sex to use somekind of sexual product :P , then maybe he has a problem with his prostate.

    • Yes perhaps. He's young but you never know.

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    • Haha nothing. I just found it so odd because I never have to pee that much. Maybe I'm the weird one. who knows..

    • i'm sure you're not weird but I have an idea... next time try to keep him from going to wc and see what happens :D

  • Its normal to urinate first I think. Its more a case of being more comfortable to have sex if you haven't got a full bladder or feel like you might need to go at some point. You want a clear head without the concern of feeling like you might need the toilet.

  • I don't do any of that...prefer my woman to urinate just before or during sex however...(:(:(:

  • I urinate before because I can't come with any pee in my bladder, and after co the docs all say it reduces chances of infections.

  • Yes to urinate before sex and after sex is normal

  • Also sex generally feels better when the bladder is empty, don't know if that's the reason he does it.

    • I think that's part of it. I get that. But his bladder seems to always be full. Odd.

    • Maybe not full but not empty.

  • Peeing after ejaculating is normal and a good thing because urinating can help clean out excess semen and prevent urinary tract infections.

  • How to put his tactfully... are you perhaps a bit bigger than the average girl?

    In my experience, having sex with a lady who has a ... Rubenesque figure, can be very hard on the bladder. Especially if she likes to be on top.

    • Haha no I'm really petite. Very skinny actually. So there goes that explaination hmmm

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