GUYS, Innocent sweet looking girls VS Naughty seductive looking girls?

what drives you wilder in bed? you could only choose one. I love naughty looking girls ;)


Most Helpful Guy

  • there is no distinction between naughty and sweet "looking" girls. I scantily clad women all the time that have no interest in sex - they just want the attention. It's a question of attitude. 'Innocent' girls will politely accept the **** with some reservations, 'naughty' girls will pounce on it.

    As to which I prefer, it depends on my mood. If I'm up for a rough ride with lots of fluids, empty lubricant bottles strewn about, and probably pulled muscles and bite marks in the morning, obvious a naughty girl. But if I just want a calm dominance over someone, steadily approaching a somewhat predictable climax, then I want an innocent girl.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Everyone says I oozze sex. Even when i’m in sweat pants and a tank top , I still look like sex. I don't know how to describe it .It’s hard for me to look sweet, usually people have to get to know me before they see how sweet I am. I’m acctually a really sweet person just happen to look like sex ha ha kinda surprises people

  • i can be both


What Guys Said 5

  • Both, switch up every so often to keep it interesting. But start off with naughty.

  • well in bed naughty duh XD but dating I prefer sweet looking girls

  • A sweet and innocent looking that is naughty and seductive. Gets me hard just thinking about it.

  • Naughty seductive looking, by far.