Drops of blood when I pee?

My boyfriend and I got a little frisky almost a week ago. Since then, we haven't done much more because I'm supposed to have my period - I'm on the pill. However its not coming this week (that's a whole other story). He fingered me, and went rather hard. To the point where it almost hurt. Now I've... Show More

This is NOT my period, by the way.

Most Helpful Guy

  • You have small cuts called fissures as a result of the rough fingering. The burning you're feeling is caused by urine getting into those fissures. It's not serious and will heal on it's own.

    • Thank you! How long do you suppose it will take to clear up?

    • Difficult to say. Normally, when a person has fissures as a result of rough sex, the only reason you know you have them is because of the urine and the burning sensation. This usually heals up in a few days. However, where you are actually seeing blood, it may take a little longer because it sounds like they are bigger, and because of this you should be careful of infection.

    • What can I do to make sure I avoid an infection?