Girls, swapping bodies with your best male friend for a week :)

What would you do? Would you check out your naked male body?

Would you care if he checked out your body?

Would you masturbate/care if he masturbated?

Have sex with each other?

Anything else you can think of? :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • omg! nooo lol me m and my bff already talked about this! if he had my body he said he would be the biggest hoe screwing and sucking hella guys and be a prostitute.

    i told him id wouldn't stop touching my new d*** ill try to f*** myself lol ill walk up to random guys and try to stick it in lol ill be the perv bending girls over at the train station lol

    we would have sex with each other and id make him my bitch! lol

    n I know we would f*** my boyfriend I just know it lol, but its okay id screw his too.

    and I would flash so many pple lol