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How do I know if I have big OUTER labia?

I've always thought my outer labia might be a bit big but how do I know? I have seen many pictures of big inner labia but I haven't seen any of big... Show More

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  • First off, there is nothing to worry about. Every woman's vagina is different, like very man's penis is different. And we all have insecurities... Am I normal? And I small/big?I think this article will help you: link :)

  • "I have seen many pictures of big inner labia but I haven't seen any of big outer labia."Well you obviously aren't looking hard enough! If you are willing tio enter the realm of porno for your exploratory research, you will see that its is quite common to have large outer labia.I actually prefer them to some extent.How do you know if yours are big? Idk, but if they are bulging out of panties regularly I'd day ur on the larger side. But of course there's nothing to worry about at all. sometimes the more plump the more pleasant.

    • They don't pop out or anything, they're just not perfectly flat

    • Well consider yourself normal and lucky that they aren't flat. because completely ftat vag lips aren't very visually stimulating at all.

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